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Alpha Dog/Dominance?

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Dog training and behavior professionals from all over the world do not need to be the "pack leader", neither do you! See below...



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The Yellow Dog Project

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The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Top Tips from Top Trainers

features tips from Trainers Academy President Lisa Patrona, Dip. CBST, CPDT-KA, ACDBC, AABP-CDT  and Staff Instructor Devene Godau, CPDT-KA

Trainers Academy, LLC, is a positive-reinforcement, pet dog training and day care business owned and operated by Lisa Patrona, Dip. CBST, CPDT-KA, ACDBC, AABP-CDT  based in Troy, Michigan.

We are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date and scientifically sound positive reinforcement-based training techniques. This commitment means that our staff never stops learning, and stays active among some of the most prestigious professional organizations in the field.

We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Positive reinforcement clicker training
  • Pet dog training: Puppy & Intermediate classes
  • Dog DayCare
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Private in-home training 
  • Puppy socialization
  • CGC Prep Class (Canine Good Citizen)
  • Greyhound-only class (a class designed for the retired racer)

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Trainers Academy, LLC is proud to announce their partnership with world-renowned dog trainer, author and television personality Victoria Stilwell. Read more...


Electronic shock as a training tool?

Don't do it!
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Click on the icons above to learn more about these groups.         Click on the icon above and                                                                                               take a look at the video - There                                                                                               are some people who were brave                                                                                               enough to try their dogs shock                                                                                               collars on their own necks to                                                                                               feel the shock. Their reactions,                                                                                                   "even on level 1", say it all.




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